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Fishing Net ,One Piece Strengthened Hand-throwing Net. Tackle Gear Folding

Fishing Net ,One Piece Strengthened Hand-throwing Net. Tackle Gear Folding

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null


Retractable or Not: Yes

Positionable or Not: No

Feature: Fishing Tackle Accessory

Type D: Durable Folding Mesh

Type E: Hand-throwing Net Hand-throwing

Type F: One Piece Fishing Net

Type C: Hand-throwing Net Net Casting

Feature A: Hand-throwing Dip Nets

Feature C: Strengthened Hand-throwing Net

Feature E: Outdoor Fishing Tackle Gear

Feature B: Hand-throwing Fishing Net

Type: Folding Fishing Durable

Function 1: Strengthened

Function 2: Dip Nets

Function 3: Durable

Type1: Hand-throwing Net Dip Nets

Type 2: Hand-throwing Net Folding

Type 3: Folding Mesh Durable

Type 4: Strengthened Hand-throwing

Type 5: Outdoor Fishing Tackle Gear


Fishing Net One Piece Strengthened Hand-throwing Net Hand-throwing Net Outdoor Fishing Tackle Gear Folding Fishing


Material: imported strong monofilament

Product category: Fishery protection

Brand: Old Man and Sea

Rope length: 10m


1. New upgrade aggravates flying disc netting: easy to sell, easy to fish

2. Features: strong and durable, more load-bearing, fast launching, and heavier net pendant

3. Weighted heart piercing net: the net is designed to be weighted, which can not be removed from the heart, and can effectively catch color

4. High-strength and strong single-thread knitting: faster launching, good load bearing, strong pulling force, stronger and durable

5. One finger mesh size fish all: small mesh size, color all, good color catching effect

6. High-quality and solid splay swivel ring: the splay swivel ring is solid and durable, easy to spread and manage the net without winding

7. High-quality and strong stay wire: bold design stay wire, strong and durable, easy to net

8. Enlarge the high-quality wire splitter: increase the design of the wire splitter, so that the network management is easy without winding

9. High-quality resin synthetic large flying disc: increase the design of flying disc, increase the centrifugal force of netting, and throw it away as soon as it is scattered

Package Included:

1 * Fishing net



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